Tips for Sunday’s to Make This Week the Best Yet

Groom yourself: it seems simple, but its incredible how much of a difference a shower and a shave can make towards your feelings of self confidence and self satisfaction.

Dress nicely: ditch the pyjama’s and the sweatpants and try wearing a nice casual outfit – even if you don’t plan on leaving the house. You’ll feel successful, presentable and ready to take on the world.

Think positive: learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Actually change your thoughts and you will make great things happen.

Kill the negative thoughts: be aware of your own self talk, thoughts about yourself and what you’re doing. Sometimes, my own mind wanders and I think “this is too hard, I want to be at home in bed”. I then picture the negative thought on a slip of paper, and then I throw it into a fire (mentally of course!). Then, I replace it with a more positive thought – “I can do this, just a little bit longer”

Get to know yourself: When you’re trying to overcome a negative thought or negative self image, your biggest enemy is yourself. Get to know yourself and start listening to your thoughts. Write a journal about your thoughts and analyse why you why you feel that way. Start by thinking about all your limitations, and decide if it is an actual limitation, or one you’ve placed on yourself.

Act positive: more than just thinking positive, you have to put it into action. You are what you do, and so if you change what you do, you change what you are. Talk to people in a positive way, put energy into your actions and you will notice a difference.

Get prepared: make your lunch for the next day, lay out your clothes and think about the week ahead. Get yourself mentally and physically prepared.

Stand tall: sometimes even changing your posture can help your confidence.

Set a small achievable goal and do it: People make the mistake of shooting for the moon and when they fail, get themselves discouraged. The more you achieve small goals, the better you’ll be at it and the better you feel. Soon you’ll set bigger goals and achieve them!

 Clear your desk/workspace or bedroom: This may seem small or simple (or it may not be). But it has always worked wonders for me. If my desk or bedroom gets messy, it feels like the rest of my life does too. Clearing my desk and cleaning my room is my way of getting a piece of my life under control. It is the calm in the centre of the storm.


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